Highpower One

8 Door controller with integrated touchscreen

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About the HP1

  • Built in interface and integrated touchscreen which makes it ready to use as soon as plugged in. 

  • Log of entries and audit trail available on screen and via software or USB memory stick. Audit trail can be pulled onto the USB as an Excel file.

  • Unit runs as stand-alone or connected to software, which allows two or more units to communicate. 

  • Wi/Fi and Ethernet connections included, as well as USB connection for standalone mode. 

  • On-board clock (internet clock with time zones and automatic daylight savings adjustment). 

  • User friendly touchscreen, allowing user to (single or bulk) enroll/remove cards on one or multiple doors, view IDs, create different schedules, access levels, card expiration dates, set vacations, override doors, set re-locking intervals, etc.

  • Works with standard readers (includes connection writing diagrams on screen for readers, RTE connection, maglocks, etc.)

  • Default support for 26 bit and 37-bit card formats on all the readers. Other formats easily added on screen (one format can be set for multiple doors or one particular door).


  • The controller has a hardware watchdog circuit that is designed to monitor and reset the controller's main software system if the system locks up
    due to electrical stresses. 

  • Screen locks with a password for extra security. 

The Highpower One is designed for easy installation and rapid deployment. It features an integrated touch screen allowing it to operate as a stand-alone controller. This provides shorter installation times; the unit is ready as soon as the readers are connected. Optionally network the controller when the IT department
wants to get involved. 

The on screen stand-alone features bypass the need to have an IT department available on the day of the install, which means you can start issuing cards on the spot. 
An easy to navigate touchscreen offers complete card system control providing a range of simple and advanced functions. Schedules, holiday management, expression dates and unlocking cycles can easily be managed with the touch screen. Once your system is configured, it can quickly be cloned onto the USB drive, so if the customer wants the same specifications on two different controllers you can duplicate your setup or use the USB data backup. 

The Highpower One is compatible with all standard readers, and wiring diagrams are available on screen to ensure a successful installation. Touch-screen functions allow you to specify custom card bit formats on each reader allowing you to migrate customers from older systems while retaining their existing cards.

Adding cards can be done on screen to one or several doors. Bulk enrollment and removal of cards is available, which makes enrolling a large amount of cards immediate. The controller also has the ability to enroll and remove cards directly from certain readers using programming cards. This provides you with yet another easy way to manage the system.

In addition to programming the controller with the touch-screen, Windows based software is included at no charge with the kit. Full card and user management is available with this software for multiple computer users. Connect the controllers to the network using either wired Ethernet or the onboard WiFi connections
at your convenience.

We partner with you to get you off the job quickly and keep you making money. We provide product training, factory tech support and, remote access tech support to each installation when needed. We also keep records of issued cards including facility codes, ID ranges, logos and specific instructions given on each order to eliminate mistakes and duplication when reordering cards. Our goal is to make maintenance of your deployments fast, easy and correct.


We support your access control needs from door to fob

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