Quick Access that is touch-free.

Learn about our customized fobs and keycards below.

Access Direct can deliver fobs and keycards customized to your companies specifications. Including the ability to add your companies logo to the access card. The touch-free system allows a clean transaction through the door. 


Our Products

Access Direct utilizes the most affordable, mainstream and user-friendly products and systems that benefit businesses and corporations of all sizes. Our access control products and systems ensure the safety of buildings, properties and staff by keeping track of all persons entering, as well as controlling access to certain areas. Our cards, fobs, wristbands and stickers can be easily activated and deactivated at any time, making controlling and managing access a breeze. For easy access and egress with adjustable time delays, please see a list of our tamper-resistant pneumatic switches.

Custom programming, and logos.


A key fob is a small, programmable hardware device that provides access control to a physical object by placing it near a reader. Our key fobs are fully customizable with your logo and other specific information you request (i.e. website, telephone number, etc.) and come in three colors: black, grey and red. All of our key fobs have a slot at the top that you can easily put on your key ring or lanyard. Please click here for a list of available formats.


Access Direct Select Fob in Black

Part # HQ-FB-(Format)-(Your Company name)
Custom Color Printing
with your Logo Included

Fob animated gif.gif



In addition to key fobs, Access Direct also offers the following programmable and customizable access control hardware devices:

Clamshell Cards

A clamshell card is the same size and shape as the proximity cards; however, they are thicker than proximity cards. Clamshell cards come
pre-punched with a hole on the top vertical end of the card and are only available in white. They can either be etched with your logo or printed. 
Please click here for a list of available formats.

Access Direct Select Clamshell

Part # HQ-HC-(Format)-(Your Company name)

Pre-notched and Laser Etched 
Custom Laser Included 

Proximity Card

A proximity card is the size and shape of a credit card. These cards come with slot punch options on both the vertical end and horizontal end of the card, which lets you decide on what end, if any, you would like the hold for a key ring or lanyard. Please note that these proximity cards do not come pre-punched and are only available in white. Please click here for a list of available formats.

Access Direct
Select Printable ISO

Part # HQ-HG-(Format)-(Your Company name)
Black Custom Printing Included on one side

Wafer Tag 

A wafer tag is a round sticker that can be placed on any hard, solid surface, such as the back of a cell phone. You can then hold this device up to the card reader for access. Wafer tags come in white and can easily hold your logo on the top of the sticker. 
Please click here for a list of available formats.

Access Direct
Select Prox Sticker

Part # HQ-HW-(Format)-(Your Company name)
Custom Color Printing


We support your access control needs from door to fob

Color-printed logo and text available for no additional charge. Minimal order of 10 units.  

Click the link below for an easy order download form to send with your company logo to sales@access-direct.net.


Available formats

Cost-effective 125 KHz proximity cards and tags available in a variety of compatible formats. Custom logo laser engraving included on all units, including fobs, proximity cards and clamshells, wafer tags, and wristbands. Factory programmed for HID, AWID, Farpointe and other popular bit structures for all proximity cards.  One year warranty factory replacement against defects. Can be reprogrammed if ordered incorrectly. 

Available formats without lead time:
- H26: HID Standard 26 Bit (H10301)
- H33: HID 33 Bit D10202 (DSX)
- H34A: HID 34 Bit N10002 (Honeywell/Northern/ADT)
- H35: HID 35 Bit Corporate 1000
- H36K: HID Bit C15001 (Keyscan)
- H36NAL: HID Bit N901157A (Napco Gem/Alarm Lock)
- H37: HID 37 Bit (H10304)
- H37L: Long HID 37 Bit Long Format H10302
- H37I: HID 37 Bit I10304 (Infographics/GE Topaz)

- A26: AWID Standard 26 Bit Format
- A34: AWID 34 Bit Format
- A50: AWID 50 Bit Format
- F26: Farpointe 26 Bit Format
- F26MX: Farpointe 26 Bit Format w/ MaxSecure
- F30: Farpointe 30 Bit Format
- FABA: Farpointe ABA Format
- I26: Indala 26 Bit Format
- EM64: Honeywell 10 Digit 64 Bit EM format
- KC10X: Keri CK-10X format
- XSF: Kantech IOProx XSF format

 Other formats are available upon request. Please provide a sample card at the time of order. Please include Facility Code, ID Range and other ID info such as MaxSecure number at time of order.

Typical part number: HPSF-B-FP26-FC – (PART NUMBER) – (FORMAT) – (FACILITY CODE)