Please read the instructions before continuing to the site

For best results logo should be "die-cut"

(If your logo is formatted with a white background it will display it on the template)

Uploaded logo must be within the borders

Use "Zoom" button and slider to make your logo smaller

Click and hold the logo to move it to the desired position

Logo must not overlap with the text below it


Check the "Display the facility code and Format" box if you want them printed

(Only use this if the logo is not covering the numbers) 

Do not worry about the design not looking exactly as you want it

This is only a mock-up to speed up the process

Leave a comment on the page two if you want anything changed or fixed and we will take care of it  

If the color of your logo is too close to the color of the fob it will not print correctly 

We will not print the logos this way even if your design suggests it

Before starting the order we will send you a photo of physical unit with your logo on it to ensure your satisfaction

Next example shows the solution

Pick one of our templates with a white background or a different color fob

Thank you for reading the instructions, please proceed to the site or simply send us your logo and we will generate a mock-up for you.