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Access Direct is a multinational company based in the U.S that uses technology to develop access control systems for individuals and businesses. We have unique employees, and customer service capabilities that let us rapidly evaluate new solutions to offer our clients access control to their companies.

Massachussetts-based Access Direct pioneered Access Control, and today we lead the industry in our dedication to doing it responsibly.

We provide real-time access control for everyday hardworking people.

At Access Direct, we believe everyone should have access to simple and trustworthy access control services. Access Direct and its businesses were built on the principle of providing convenient, reliable services by using the most innovative technology available. Supported by it's unique staff, and state-of-the-art technology, Access Direct has the unique tools to meet each customer’s needs.

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Access Direct's key players inspire excellence in all facets of our business.


Access Direct is founded on these core principles.